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22nd Jun

Candids > 2014 > June 21st – Britney shopping in Calabasas

21st Jun

Candids > 2014 > June 21st – Britney, Lynne and David spotted grabbing lunch in Thousand Oaks

19th Jun

Britney Spears like to hide food “under her bed,” claims Life & Style in an article that touts “Hollywood nannies” exposing different stars’ “juiciest secrets.”

According to the tab, Spears is such a fan of Subway and McDonald’s, she like to “save half-eaten burgers, fries and cookies for later” under her bed.


Of course, Life & Style has been wrong over and over and over again about Spears.

And this time is no different.

Regardless, Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to Spears who called the tab’s claim “silly” and “not true.”


18th Jun

17th Jun

Candids > 2014 > June 16th – Creeper pic of Britney at the gym

12th Jun


Britney Spears is desperate to lose weight, and she’s ready to use enemas to do it, claims the National Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, “After packing on 30 pounds, the ‘Toxic’ singer plans to copy the late Some Like It Hot sexpot Marilyn Monroe and use enemas to shed her excess baggage.”

But why would Spears turn to such a risky plan?

A supposed “insider” reveals that “Britney will do anything to avoid working out and eating sensibly to slim down.”

The mag’s so-called “insider” explains, “When Britney read about how Marilyn relied on enemas, she figured to maybe give it a try.”

For good measure — and seemingly a little more drama — the tabloid adds that “pals fear she could be playing with fire, especially since some claim that Marilyn’s ‘suicide’ at age 36 in August 1962 was actually a murder caused by a poisoned enema.”

Wait, the Enquirer first says Spears is losing weight via enemas, and now is adding she may also allegedly be murdered via an enema?!

Of course, the tabloid has a history of trafficking in nonsense when it comes to Spears.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked with Spears’ rep, who confirms the Enquirer report is “not true at all.”


10th Jun

Brit & Xtina

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have expanded their brand … they’re now code for powdered and crack cocaine.

New York law enforcement conducted a 10-month investigation into a massive drug ring. Authorities wiretapped a number of phones to bust the traffickers. They figured out from the recordings … the dealers were using pop code. They referred to crack cocaine as Britney and powdered cocaine as Christina Aguilera (for some reason the dealers used Christina’s last name).

The investigation paid off … New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman charged 25 people with 340 counts of drug trafficking.


8th Jun

Appearances > 2014 > At the Kings Vs. Rangers Hockey Game in LA – June 8th

7th Jun

#2. Britney Spears. The Axis at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Nev.

April 25-26, 30, May 2-3, 7, 9-10, 14, 16-17, 2014

$7,850,813. 48,901 / 49,290. 11 / 7

$495, $174, $94, $54 Caesars Entertainment/Live Nation

19 mill from 27 shows with a 4,600k capacity. Slay a bit


2nd Jun

“Britney sings every song live, but there are additional tracks when they’re doing the heavy dance numbers,” says Colby. “Snapshots give Marc Delcore [the show's musical director and keyboard player] the security of knowing that these levels that they work on so hard translate to the live environment.”

“Britney pretty much has to stick to her script, but I have a lot of freedom to play different chords or different sounds,” continues Delcore. “Anything that the band throws at him, Cubby hears right away and he makes the adjustment. He catches everything and is able to make those adjustments with the console. It’s important for him to be able to make those changes on the fly. He’s such a great engineer.”


Lmfaooooo yo…

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