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26th Nov


There was probably nothing that Britney Spears could have done to embarrass herself at this point.

The bar for silly behavior among pop stars has fallen so low — tugged by a desperate music industry and we prurient folk in the media — that people are no longer shocked when an artist who has proven reliable tabloid fodder tries to freshly provoke or titillate us. We just feign surprise, or dismay, so that we can all talk/write/tweet about it.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said for Spears’ latest album, in fact, is that it doesn’t seem obsessed with provocation. Britney Jean (*** out of four), streaming now on iTunes a week ahead of its Dec. 3 release, aims to present this talented young woman who has managed to sustain our interest for 15 years as a cool but accessible dance-pop diva — willing to dangle the occasional profanity to keep us alert, but ultimately more into the groove than anything else.

The album opens with the recently unveiled Alien, a shimmering reverie that is by far the best track, followed by two now-familiar singles: the frantically ingratiating Work Bitch and the more vulnerable Perfume, on which Spears, weary of a romantic rival, warns her man that she’s going to “mark my territory.”

Emotional and carnal needs remain in focus, whether Spears is advising a lover how to push her buttons on Tik Tik Boom (featuring T.I.), letting him take control on the exuberant Passenger or trying to say goodbye on the wistful Don’t Cry. The production, by such club veterans as David Guetta, will.i.am and William Orbit, is by turns clattering and graceful.

As a musical reintroduction, certainly, Britney Jean offers as much grace as anyone could have expected.


25th Nov

Award show

ET’s Rob Marciano was the first entertainment news magazine reporter to sit-down with Britney Spears for a candid heart-to-heart on her relationship with boyfriend David Lucado, her upcoming album Britney Jean and her Las Vegas residency.

“I’m in love … I like the fact that [Lucado is] very stubborn and he’s stuck in his ways,” said Spears. “He’s just a simple man. I adore him. He’s really funny and he’s really passionate. I love the fact that anything he’s involved in he’s passionate about and it’s contagious.” Spears went on to confirm that she met Lucado through friends and her father ran a background check on him, “My dad’s a little crazy like that,” said Spears, who would like to have more children in the future but is unsure if she will wed again.

According to Spears, the process of making her latest album put her in a good place mentally.

“I would say [the album] was kind of like therapy for me,” said the pop princess. “It just kind of transformed me. As you write something your perspective changes. So, it was like my ‘good therapy record.’ I’m an artist so I think there are periods in everyone’s life where you get kind of reclusive, your creative outlet is cut off. Then sometimes it flows and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is what I need to be doing’ [which makes] it easier for you to be the artist that you want to be.”

As far as her upcoming Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, Spears told Rob, “I’ve done two tours in the past three years and it’s so grueling being on the road and staying in a different bed every night, the schedule is insane. I just thought it would be ideal to have one place that I could go to and I could just travel back and forth to my home and [Las Vegas] and to have a show. It just felt like the ideal thing to do. So, I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be different, but I’m excited.”

Britney Jean is set to release December 3. Tune into Entertainment Tonight for their “Britney Blowout” starting Tuesday, November 26


25th Nov

White bikini

Listen here

23rd Nov

Appearances > 2013 > The Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Today, patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, received a very special treat when Grammy Award winning artist, Britney Spears, stopped by for a visit. Upon arrival, Spears happily sat down for an interview in Seacrest Studios, where her biggest fans from the hospital, Saylor, Christine, and Perla were able to ask her questions about her career, her favorite things, and her upcoming album. During the interview, Spears even gave the girls advice on her daily makeup routine.

After the interview, Spears stayed in the studio to handout personalized copies of the Smurfs 2 soundtrack (featuring her song “Ooh La La”), to each patient. After her meet and greet, Spears asked to meet patients that were not able to come down to the broadcast, and continued her visit up on patient floors. The patients were ecstatic to meet and take pictures with the singer!
We are very thankful for Britney’s visit today…a visit the patients will never forget!
Written by Searest Studios CHOC intern, Taylor Tanton


23rd Nov


Dear Fans,

It’s that time of year again when we pause to reflect upon what we’re thankful for.

I’m thankful to have the most amazing fans in the world who have been there for me through everything!

December is a busy month for me.

My new album, Britney Jean, drops on 12/3.

My Las Vegas show, Britney: Piece of Me, kicks off 12/27 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

And, on 12/2 it’s my birthday!

This year, I’m doing something different for my birthday. I’m dedicating it to the kids of St. Jude.

Help me out by not buying me a gift this year. Buy them a gift instead — the gift of another birthday.

Why St. Jude?

Since opening in 1962, treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing and food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

That’s right: the best care in the world, for free, because of people like us. Now that’s something worth celebrating.

Let’s get this party started.

Love always, Britney


22nd Nov

22nd Nov

22nd Nov


Dressed down in black skinny jeans and a peplum top, a radiant Britney Spears gave a small crowd a sneak peek at her “personal” upcoming album, Britney Jean.

With her long hair down in waves, the singer, 31, even sang along to a few tracks while joking and giggling with the album’s executive producer will.i.am and moderator Andy Cohen, who kicked off the evening by asking her what the inspiration was for this particular album.

“It’s my most personal,” she said. “With the breakup [from ex-fiancé Jason Trawick] this year … what you do to get through it … being with your family and getting through it.” As for what gives the pop star fuel in the studio? “I like sushi and skittles,” Spears said, laughing. Below are some other fun tidbits she shared while playing five tracks for the audience of industry insiders.

• Alien: After Cohen asked if the song was a follow up to her 2009 hit “Piece of Me” about intense public scrutiny, Spears – who has been in the spotlight since she was 8-years-old – admitted she has moments when she feels “alienated or shy.” She also shared that this track is her favorite off Britney Jean.

• Perfume: Currently heating up the airwaves, will.i.am and Spears chatted about putting the singer’s voice front and center in the song. “It’s a vulnerable song,” Spears said about highlighting her vocals.

• It Should Be Easy: Spears, will.i.am and Cohen all bobbed their heads along to this dance-ready tune.

• Don’t Cry: Sample lyrics for this breakup anthem include “In the beginning, we were both crazy, crazy in love/Babe, We gotta let it go … love is broken.” Asked if it was awkward to listen to the album in front of an audience, Spears giggled and admitted it was “a little awkward,” while will.i.am told the audience she had actually whispered in his ear that it was strange not to be performing.

• Passenger: Though the audience didn’t get to hear this song (but did get a sample of fun dance track “Tick Tick Boom”) Cohen revealed it’s about “giving up control in a relationship.” Asked how controlling Spears is about her own life, she said: “I love what I do, so I have a hand in everything … I’m a perfectionist as well so just have to keep it tight!”


22nd Nov

Britney will be on Ellen on the 3rd

22nd Nov


Britney Spears debuted some new songs from her upcoming album Britney Jean at an exclusive listening party on Thursday (November 21) and JustJared.com was in attendance to get you all the details!

The 31-year-old singer played five songs in total, two of which have already been heard by fans online – “Perfume” and “Alien.”

About her song “Alien,” Britney said, “we have moments when we feel alienated, shy, or nervous. That’s what the song is about.” It’s her fave song on the album. Will‘s too. She also mentioned that “Perfume” is a “vulnerable song.”

Click inside for details on the new songs played, some sample lyrics, and more…

“It Should Be Easy” – The song features will.i.am, who was on stage with her for the event. The song is an uptempo dance track and here are some sample lyrics: “Baby, love/ it should be easy/ it shouldn’t be complicated/ I don’t know how else to say it/ la da dee/ la dee duh”
“Don’t Cry” – This is a mid tempo song and here are some sample lyrics: “Hide my tears, dry my eyes/ don’t need to see me cry/ pack my bags … / I’ll be yours, I’m out the door”
“Tik Tik Boom” – This is the song featuring T.I. Here is how the hook of the song goes: “Baby make me tik tik tik tik tik tik boom”

Britney said that a lot of the songs have to do with the break-up that she experienced this year with longtime love Jason Trawick. Cameras were rolling the whole time – they’re filming a documentary and have been for the past few months. On stage with Brit and Will was Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

While songs were playing, Britney‘s assistant came up to the stage and held up a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper with a straw in it. Before sipping into it, she laughed, smiled, and said, “I feel so weird.” She also noted during the event that her favorite snacks in the studio are sushi and skittles!


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