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4th Nov


1. Beyonce – $115 Million
2. Taylor Swift – $64 Million
3. P!nk – $52 Million
4. Rihanna – $48 Million
5. Katy Perry – $40 Million
6. Jennifer Lopez – $37 Million
7. Miley Cyrus – $36 Million
8. Celine Dion – $36 Million
9. Lady Gaga – $33 Million
10. Britney Spears – $30 Million

2nd Nov

1) Britney Spears

The Princess Of Pop is STILL on top! Britney Spears has been voted the number one sexiest lady in the pop world by YOU! Clearly you can’t get enough of the ‘Scream & Shout’ superstar. Britney, you’re number one!


30th Jul

25th Jun

idk y'all

Top 10 Airbrushed celebrities

Britney Spears – She has bounced around from tightly toned to comfortably curvy and had a few rough patches I blame on that Federline fellow in between. Her legs create the most airbrushing. She can dance and the reality of a such a skilled professional is muscles. For her campaign for Candies, she was constantly shaved of her dancer’s legs.

Celebs who didn’t make Forbes 100 celebrity list

Britney Spears – With no tour this year, Spears’ earnings fell dramatically. Her one-season stint on The X Factor wasn’t enough to land Spears back on our Celebrity 100 list. *expected tbh*

Update: according to Forbes britney “ONLY” made 24 million in the last 12 months, only…

17th Jan

8. Britney Spears

Occupation: Singer

We’ve got this picture up at the office to remind us it only gets better. Spears started off as an innocent Mouseketeer of The Mickey Mouse Club and was already flirting with naughtiness in the video for her first single, “Baby One More Time.” She married the persona of childhood innocence and adult sex appeal by maintaining that she’d remain a virgin until marriage, while posing in a bra and short shorts on Rolling Stone.

However, things quickly spiraled out of control. Spears had a drunken Vegas wedding and an annulment 55 hours later, married (and eventually divorced) a back-up dancer, K-Fed, after three months, and infamously spent one night in drug rehabilitation, before shaving her hair off the following evening.

Recently, Spears has quit being a judge on the X Factor because they wanted to fire her for being too normal. We’re proud of you, Britney.


18th Dec

#2 Britney Spears.

Britney Spears took a whopping percentage of the votes in this poll, clearly establishing the pop starlet as your favorite female dancer. The music video for the 2001 hit “I’m A Slave 4 U” is prime Britney, with the singer deliberately subverting her still-girlish appearance with overt, unapologetic sexuality.


12th Dec

Britney Spears, 31 years young and re-established as a household name after a few tumultuous years, has been named Forbes’ highest-paid woman in music of the past year, earning $58 million.

Spears’ platinum-selling album Femme Fatale and its accompanying tour were the main sources behind the pop star’s stratospheric ledger, with a fragrance deal and assorted endorsements rounding out the figures.

Close behind was Taylor Swift, who earned her $57 million in much the same way as Spears: with a huge record. Speak Now, Swift’s quadruple-platinum-certified album from 2010 generated $1 million per night on a tour which set sail through North America in early 2011.

Rounding out the top three is Rihanna at $53 million, whose endorsement deals with Vita Coco and Nivea as well as the enduring hit “Diamonds” contributed to her still-storming success.

Two surprises crop up: the sultry chanteuse Sade’s placement ahead of Madonna at #8 (the Queen of Pop hadn’t yet embarked on her worldwide MDNA tour, something likely to boost her standing next year). As well, Adele’s relatively modest placement at #7 on the list, despite her historic, ten-times-platinum certified album 21.

Jennifer Lopez’s classification as a “Personality” precluded her inclusion in the women in music list, whose earnings of $52 million would have tied her with Lady Gaga at #4.

The Forbes list measures gross income from all sources, not adjusted for managements fees or taxes (and so is not representative of the bottom line of a particular star’s bank account) between May 2011 to May 2012. Forbes’ date range doesn’t include Spears’ lucrative contract with “The X Factor” (reportedly for $15 million), nor a particularly high-profile year for Rihanna.

Here’s the full list:

1. Britney Spears ($58 million)
2. Taylor Swift ($57 million)
3. Rihanna ($53 million)
4. Lady Gaga ($52 million)
5. Katy Perry ($45 million)
6. Beyoncé ($40 million)
7. Adele ($35 million)
8. Sade ($33 million)
9. Madonna ($30 million)
10. Shakira ($20 million)


12th Dec

12. Britney Spears


6th Dec

Somewhere, coy reality star Kim Kardashian is petting her fur kitten Mercy, blessing the Internet Gods who yielded her the most-searched celebrity for the second year in a row, according to Yahoo!’s latest report.

But the fame-seeking Kardashian is only making up for lost time. Turns out, one person has clearly dominated the top-searched lists for the past decade or so: Britney Spears. She’s topped the lists for a whopping seven of the 12 years. That makes her the most-searched celebrity since basically the inception of the internet (or something *head-flip*).


Britney Spears. Brit followed up her stunning 2000 breakout performance at the MTV VMAs with writhing live snakes and a jungle-inspired rendition of “Slave 4 U.” Obviously.


Britney Spears. Yep, it’s still Britney, b*tch.


Britney Spears. Britney’s on-stage kiss with Madonna during a performance of “Like A Virgin” at the MTV VMAs must have driven people to their computers for replays.


Britney Spears. Spears spent much of 2005 pregnant with her first child, Sean Preston Federline. He was born September 14, 2005.


Britney Spears. People just loved typing in “Britney Spears” into Yahoo! search boxes, huh?


Britney Spears. A public meltdown, head-shaving incident and disastrous VMA performance added to the lurid spectacle of Brit Brit.


Britney Spears. America’s reigning pop princess continued to fascinate audiences eight years after first being crowned “Most-Searched Celebrity” on the search-engine site.


5th Dec

VH1 spent the past week counting down the 100 Greatest Kid Stars and tonight we finally reached number one, an honor that belong to Justin Bieber. But in case you missed any of the episodes and are curious who else is on the list, allow us to bring you the complete list of numbers one through one hundred.

1. Justin Bieber
2. Macaulay Culkin
3/4. The Olsen Twins
5. Daniel Radcliffe
6. Jaleel White
7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
8. Raven-Symoné
9. Miley Cyrus
10. Britney Spears


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