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11th Nov

Britney & Jamie

Britney Spears did not have her new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol undergo a background check or sign a confidentiality agreement, despite a new report. Gossip Cop checked with a true Spears insider who never heard of those claims. The rumor was started on Monday by RadarOnline, which alleged that Spears’ dad Jamie, who’s also her conservator, vetted his daughter’s new boyfriend.

According to the webloid, Ebersol understood the drill and passed Jamie Spears’ tests. The site further says that the Spears patriarch even offered to pick up the tab for Ebersol’s legal fees, if he wanted a lawyer to look over the confidentiality agreement. Of course, Ebersol is the son of legendary NBC producer Dick Ebersol, who’s not only one of the nicest guys in the TV business, but also he’d have no problem finding a high-powered attorney look over any such document, if it existed. But it does not. More importantly, Britney Spears’ dad did not have Charlie Ebersol checked out or sign a confidentiality agreement.

As Gossip Cop reported last week, the romance between Spears and Ebersol is relatively new, but the couple is happy. They’ve both shared smiling photos of themselves together on Instagram.

Ebersol, like his dad, is also in the TV business, producing reality shows that include “The Moment” and “The Great Escape.” In 2004, he survived a plane crash that claimed the life of his younger brother Teddy. Ebersol, however, was able to save his father’s life by pulling him from the burning jet. He’s not exactly the type Jamie Spears needs to worry about. Regardless, a Spears insider shrugged off the RadarOnline report to Gossip Cop.


Forever yawning at ROL

24th Sep


Britney Spears is NOT back together with her cheating ex-boyfriend David Lucado, despite a tabloid story that claims the singer is “willing to forgive and forget” his past indiscretion with porn star Cali Lee.

Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm that this rumored reconciliation is 100 percent completely false.

According to Star, Spears has had a change of heart after she met with Lucado to “suss out the details of their split.”

A so-called source tells the magazine that Spears first went to see Lucado to “make sure he wasn’t doing any tell-all interviews,” but while they were together she realized that she’s “still in love” with him and “not ready to walk away.”

Uh, Spears walked away when she dumped him.

Regardless, a source close to Spears exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the reconciliation story is not true.

Of course, Star has a history of getting stories about the singer wrong, having falsely reported in the past that Spears gave Lucado money to buy her an engagement ring and that she was cheating on him with her ex-fiancé Jason Trawick.


18th Sep

Britney Spears is NOT under a “dating ban,” despite reports.

Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that a rumor claiming the pop star’s dad Jamie has forbidden her from seeing anyone romantically for the next six months is totally false.

According to OK!, Spears’ recent breakup with David Lucado was the “last straw” for Jamie, who supposedly insisted that his daughter “work on herself for a while.”

Of course, this is the same magazine that falsely claimed Spears and Lucado were set to wed in Hawaii.

In other words, OK! and its insiders continue to be wrong about the singer’s private life.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively that there’s been “no such ban” on Spears, calling the story “ridiculous.”

10th Jul


“Britney Spears and David Lucado are set to tie the knot over Thanksgiving,” claims the National Enquirer.

The supermarket tabloid alleges the pop star is “already checking out St. Helena Catholic Church in Amite City, La., close to her hometown of Kentwood,” for the big day.

“Britney is sure she’s found Mr. Right at last,” a “close pal” tells the Enquirer, noting that “Britney’s determined to have a ‘proper’ wedding this time.”

“She wants the white gown, the church and to be surrounded by family and loved ones,” says the outlet’s supposed source.

And the magazine further claims that Spears and Lucado have already hashed out a prenup “that will give him just $800,000 a year for every year of married life.”

“He says her fortune is all hers,” spills the Enquirer snitch.

The tab’s alleged insider adds, “They plan on announcing their engagement in the next few weeks.”

Funny — the Enquirer seems to have forgotten all about its bogus December report claiming Spears and Lucado were engaged and planning a Hawaiian wedding.

It wasn’t true seven months ago, and it’s still not true now.

Pretty sad that since the Enquirer story didn’t work out the first time, they’re trying it again and seemingly hoping for different results.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity?


3rd Jul


According to the tabloid, no stranger to absurd reporting about Spears and the royal family, William “was scheming to catch [Spears’] casino show on a still-unscheduled Las Vegas visit,” and Middleton laid down the law.


Here’s what a made-up “royal spy” tells the Enquirer, in a cartoonishly fake quote:

“Will and Prince Harry had hatched a plan to see Britney’s show, but when Kate found out, she could hardly believe it. She’d heard the long-forgotten rumors of flirtatious email correspondence between William and Britney many years ago. Britney had actually blabbed about it, revealing in an interview that William once stood her up on a date! So Kate, naturally, slipped a spear into Will and Harry’s dream scheme, cleverly reminding Her Right Royal Hubby what had happened that time Ginger Prince went bonkers on The Strip — ending up stripped of all dignity in those infamous nude photos. Sly Kate told William, ‘I’m sure your grandmother will agree it is a very, very BAD idea!’”

It’s hard to know what’s more tortured in that drivel — the facts… or the English language.

Needless to say, there was never any secret plan for the princes to see Spears, nor was there any fight between William and Middleton about it.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is “laughable.”


26th Jun


Britney Spears stepped out alone on Wednesday, amid reports that she had ‘split’ with her boyfriend of 15 months, David Lucado.

However, a source has revealed to MailOnline that the pair a very much still together. ‘It’s not true, he’s just away at the moment, and they’re still a couple,’ we’re told.

X17 had reported that the pair broke up some time ago, saying: ‘Britney and David split a while ago. Britney’s been focusing on her boys after the break up.’


Gossip Cop

The TRUTH is Spears and Lucado are still dating.

Gossip Cop checked in with one of the many mutual pals of ours and Spears, and we’re told Lucado’s “away,” and that the X17Online tale is “just a sad attempt to create a story.”

Oops, X17Online did it again.

19th Jun

Britney Spears like to hide food “under her bed,” claims Life & Style in an article that touts “Hollywood nannies” exposing different stars’ “juiciest secrets.”

According to the tab, Spears is such a fan of Subway and McDonald’s, she like to “save half-eaten burgers, fries and cookies for later” under her bed.


Of course, Life & Style has been wrong over and over and over again about Spears.

And this time is no different.

Regardless, Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to Spears who called the tab’s claim “silly” and “not true.”


12th Jun


Britney Spears is desperate to lose weight, and she’s ready to use enemas to do it, claims the National Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, “After packing on 30 pounds, the ‘Toxic’ singer plans to copy the late Some Like It Hot sexpot Marilyn Monroe and use enemas to shed her excess baggage.”

But why would Spears turn to such a risky plan?

A supposed “insider” reveals that “Britney will do anything to avoid working out and eating sensibly to slim down.”

The mag’s so-called “insider” explains, “When Britney read about how Marilyn relied on enemas, she figured to maybe give it a try.”

For good measure — and seemingly a little more drama — the tabloid adds that “pals fear she could be playing with fire, especially since some claim that Marilyn’s ‘suicide’ at age 36 in August 1962 was actually a murder caused by a poisoned enema.”

Wait, the Enquirer first says Spears is losing weight via enemas, and now is adding she may also allegedly be murdered via an enema?!

Of course, the tabloid has a history of trafficking in nonsense when it comes to Spears.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked with Spears’ rep, who confirms the Enquirer report is “not true at all.”


2nd Jun

“Britney sings every song live, but there are additional tracks when they’re doing the heavy dance numbers,” says Colby. “Snapshots give Marc Delcore [the show’s musical director and keyboard player] the security of knowing that these levels that they work on so hard translate to the live environment.”

“Britney pretty much has to stick to her script, but I have a lot of freedom to play different chords or different sounds,” continues Delcore. “Anything that the band throws at him, Cubby hears right away and he makes the adjustment. He catches everything and is able to make those adjustments with the console. It’s important for him to be able to make those changes on the fly. He’s such a great engineer.”


Lmfaooooo yo…

17th Apr


“Britney Spears is desperate to marry boyfriend David Lucado, but her conservator dad Jamie Spears has nixed her wedding dreams,” reports OK!

According to the tabloid, Jamie doesn’t “trust any man’s intentions,” and “doesn’t want another Kevin [Federline] getting her pregnant in order to be set financially.”

Spears, claims the magazine, is now lashing out against her father by “throwing tantrums” and even dying her hair brown, though she makes more money and “sells endorsements better as a blonde.”

So, are Britney and her father really waging war over her intentions to marry?


Actually, OK! has a rich history of getting it wrong when it comes to Spears’ love life.

The tabloid falsely reported just last week that the the singer was to wed in Hawaii, and previously claimed Lucado disses Spears behind her back.

Regardless, a source close to the Spears tells Gossip Cop that this current tale about her not being allowed to marry Lucado is also “not true.”


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