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17th Apr


“Britney Spears is desperate to marry boyfriend David Lucado, but her conservator dad Jamie Spears has nixed her wedding dreams,” reports OK!

According to the tabloid, Jamie doesn’t “trust any man’s intentions,” and “doesn’t want another Kevin [Federline] getting her pregnant in order to be set financially.”

Spears, claims the magazine, is now lashing out against her father by “throwing tantrums” and even dying her hair brown, though she makes more money and “sells endorsements better as a blonde.”

So, are Britney and her father really waging war over her intentions to marry?


Actually, OK! has a rich history of getting it wrong when it comes to Spears’ love life.

The tabloid falsely reported just last week that the the singer was to wed in Hawaii, and previously claimed Lucado disses Spears behind her back.

Regardless, a source close to the Spears tells Gossip Cop that this current tale about her not being allowed to marry Lucado is also “not true.”


10th Apr


Britney Spears and David Lucado are going to have a “Hawaiian wedding,” reports OK!

According to the magazine, the singer’s recent Hawaii vacation was “actually a recon mission for her planned June wedding.”

A supposed “insider” claims, “Britney took David and her two sons on a test run to Oahu to get everyone prepared for the wedding. They took along her security team and scoped out the Aulani Disney Resort to see if it was private and posh enough for the ceremony.”

The tabloid alleges Spears “talked with the staff about a menu and decorations, and was interested in a nighttime luau with fireworks.”

“She’s planning something intimate and kid-friendly for late June,” adds the “source.”

That sounds nice… and completely made up.

Gossip Cop checked in with a close Spears insider, who tells us that the pop star and Lucado have no current plans to marry in Hawaii.


The tabs are so lazy! it’s been literally years of she’s getting married, her boyfriend secretly hates her, she hates him, he’s cheating, she’s cheating and she’s on the verge~ blah blah blah.

5th Jan

Dats just how I dew

Britney Spears is back, with her new Las Vegas show getting great reviews…so it’s no surprise some worms are coming out of the woodwork.

In fact, her ex Jason Trawick sent her a diamond bracelet and multiple Herve Leger dresses, costing almost $4000 each, before her debut show in Vegas last weekend.

Yep, our insider claims that Britney’s ex fiancé, who she split from back last January, sent the gifts to wish her luck. But it has a touch of the…take me back? Don’t you think!

But he wasn’t alone. Her ex-husband Jason Alexander, who she got hitched to in 2005 in Las Vegas before annulling 55-hours later, was also trying to get in contact.

Our source says: “He is so desperate. He wants to take photos with her then sell them. So he was offering to pay up to $2500 plus for a ticket. He tried to get Jamie Lynn to get him tickets, but she said no.”

It’s no surprise Jason was trying to get pics with Britney in Vegas where they got married! Especially as he sold his story on the star a few years back. A resounding TUT from TheFIX.

But our well-placed insider reveals that ex-husband Kevin Federline and his wife wanted to show their support and sent flowers from him and their two boys.

The source explained: “The boys made her handmade cards, and ‘we love you mommy’ posters with washable markers, glitter, feathers, mod podge and stickers.”

Aww, bless. But we’re wondering what Britney’s new man David Lucado thinks about it all?!


31st Dec


Britney Spears “drug tests her staff” at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, reports Star, which says the singer’s handlers are trying to make sure she doesn’t “screw up again.”

According to an alleged “source” for the tabloid, “Anyone who works with Britney, be it her trainer or her hairstylist, has to be tested and open to random pat-downs.”

The purported “insider” claims, “After everything she’s been through, they just want to keep her far away from drugs.”

While it’s true that Spears did have a dark period in Hollywood, the idea that her team would subject every single person working for her to drug tests and pat-downs in completely ridiculous.

Still, we spoke to a close Spears insider, who tells us the tabloid’s story is simply not accurate.


11th Dec


Britney Spears’ tour rider for her Las Vegas residency is “bizarre,” reports Star.

How so?

According to the mag, the singer is “insisting on Froot Loops, Pop-Tarts, Cap’n Crunch, Gatorade, Doritos and potato salad.”

Spears is also supposedly demanding “In-N-Out cheeseburgers without buns, a life coach on call 24/7 and 200 fresh towels a day!”


As in wow, what a ridiculous story.

Gossip Cop checked in with a close Spears insider, who hasn’t heard anything of the alleged rider.

Our source notes that the singer’s crew includes “14-16 dancers and a band,” so even if some of the supposed rider’s contents were accurate, the demands wouldn’t necessarily all be from Spears.


6th Dec

I pass

Britney Spears is “being kept in the dark” about reviews for her new album, claims RadarOnline, an outlet that once spread a ludicrous rumor about Kevin Federline’s brother fathering Spears’ son.

The webloid, which has been sloppy in previous coverage of Spears’ career, now alleges that the pop star’s team has “shielded” her from critical reception.

“Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, and father, Jamie, won’t allow her to see any of the bad reviews,” explains a so-called “source” for RadarOnline, which notes that the pair “remain conservators of Spears’ estate” but fails to mention that the outlet misreported that the conservatorship was ending more than three years ago.

The RadarOnline insider continues, “Britney doesn’t even have access to the internet and lives in a bubble!… No-one (sic) wants to upset Britney. If she were to read anything negative, it could send her into a bad tailspin and both Larry and Jamie know that can’t happen with her upcoming shows in Vegas about to launch.”


So Britney Spears, who as we type is conducting a Twitter Q&A with iTunes, has no Internet access?

We know RadarOnline may find this hard to believe, but Spears has been a major music star for fifteen years — it’s safe to say she’s aware of less-than-glowing reviews.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the notion that Spears is “kept in the dark” is “absurd.”


4th Dec


“Britney Spears has said ‘I do’ to beau David Lucado’s marriage proposal — and now she’s planning a secret wedding in Hawaii,” reports the National Enquirer.

The mag, which previously claimed the singer signed up for an online dating site, quotes a purported “insider” as saying, “Britney is head over heels in love again and wants to marry soon after the new year.”

“She’s busy making elaborate plans for a Hawaiian wedding and favors Maui, where she’s had many wonderful times,” adds the supposed “source.”

What a natural-sounding quote.


While Spears and Lucado are happy in their relationship together, the couple is NOT engaged.

A source close to the “Toxic” singer tells Gossip Cop the tab’s report is simply “not true.”


13th Nov


“Miley Cyrus isn’t the first pop star to get Robin Thicke into trouble,” begins a piece from In Touch, which claims the “Blurred Lines” singer had a “secret affair” with Britney Spears.

According to the mag, “The pair had a fling in 2003 — when Britney was at the top of her game but no one knew who Robin was yet.”

What a timely report.

Anyway, a supposed “source” tells the tabloid, “He was trying to develop a reputation as a hot young singer and Britney was the biggest thing in show business.”

The so-called “insider” goes on to claim that Spears and Thicke, who has been with now-wife Paula Patton since high school, “started hooking up” after collaborating on a project “which was never released.”

How convenient.

Clearly, the magazine has no actual news to report this week, so it went ahead and pinned two random celebrities together and claimed they hooked up 10 years ago.

In any case, a rep for Thicke says the singer was never involved with Spears.

And a source close to Spears also tells Gossip Cop the story is not true.


9th Nov


Hit Boy

Dev Hynes


Naughty boy

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So who the fuck is actually on this album…


FRESHM3N III who produced 3 songs on will’s last flop album made the cut for BJ

2nd Oct

“Britney Spears has issues with small stage size for her Las Vegas shows at Planet Hollywood,” reads the headline of another misguided New York Daily News story.

According to the paper, the pop star is complaining that the venue’s stage is “too small for her and is demanding to know where the pyrotechnics will be.”

The Daily News claims Spears’ show will take place “in the old ‘Peepshow quarters,” with the “same tiny stage” remaining in place.

“When Celine Dion came to Vegas, they built her the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and that was a production just for her. When Britney was announced, they barely touched the stage,” a so-called “source” tells the tabloid, alleging, ”She’ll be on the same stage as Holly [Madison] was with a pole. Producers think Britney can make do with two balloons and a feather boa.”

The tab’s “tipster” adds, “There is a new set, but they have not gone all out. It’s like Britney unplugged, and Britney literally cannot be unplugged.”

The newspaper goes on to regurgitate its inaccurate claims from last week that Spears will lip-synch during the shows, and further alleges that Planet Hollywood staffers have since been “given a ‘cheat sheet’ of canned answers to give fans and clients if asked about her performance.”

“Everyone connected with this production is freaking out because there is so much at stake,” says the paper’s supposed source. “The purpose of the cheat sheet was so staff could be economical with the truth if fans were to question them about Britney lip-synching.”


The Daily News, which seems to be on a bizarre mission to paint Spears’ plans in a bad light, is overlooking one crucial detail.

The singer’s revue has been in the works for months. The implication that Spears is only just now learning about the stage set-up, after the contract was signed, and after the plans were unveiled, is preposterous.

In any case, a rep for Spears tells Gossip Cop that the Daily News’ latest hit piece is 100 percent “NOT TRUE.”

“She is very happy with the stage and the venue. It is actually bigger than previous stages she has performed on,” says the spokesperson, adding, “The venue will be groundbreaking.”

Furthermore, director Baz Halpin tells Billboard he’s been planning the logistics and special effects for the last four months, with “a stage twice the size of any you’d see in a large-sized arena.”

Case closed


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