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4th Sep


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19th Oct

Candids > 2014 > October 18th – Britney out about in LA

18th Oct

Las Vegas remains to be the entertainment capital of the world this fall with a series of music’s top performers taking up residencies. A staple in the city’s scene since late last year, Britney Spears has just announced plans to extend her Vegas residency at the AXIS through 2017. Pop singer Bruno Mars is scheduled to play two consecutive dates at the Chelsea this weekend while iconic rock band KISS will also make a nine-show run at the Hard Rock Hotel in November.

Britney Spears is set to play 11 more shows at The AXIS through November before taking a month-long hiatus from performing. Over her final fall dates, the pop princess sees an average price of $268.82, slightly trailing KISS as the third highest-priced musical performer in Vegas. Spears will play her most expensive fall date on November 5, where average secondary price is $313.87 with a get-in price of $63. Her residency has been highly successful thus far, bringing in Planet Hollywood a reported $20 million.


17th Oct


In the middle of performing a medley of hits at the 2003 VMA’s, Madonna surprised everyone by kissing Britney Spears onstage. After a quick camera cut to Britney’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, who looked confused, Madonna then smooched her other performing partner: Christina Aguilera. But it was the Britney-Madonna kiss that made news.

Larry Rudolph, Spears’ longtime manager, talks about what happened leading up the infamous buss, and how Madonna thanked him after “that kiss happened and the world exploded.” Check out the video below:

According to Rudolph, “Madonna had been very, very, very rigid about the rehearsals. She was telling Britney and I every day, ‘Be here tomorrow at 10 o’clock,’ he tells Billboard. “She would never address me by name, she would just say, ‘You make sure Britney’s here tomorrow at 10 o’clock.'” Not wanting to upset one of the biggest stars of all time, Rudolph did his part.

All that rigidity paid off. After the performance, Rudolph ended up in an elevator with Madonna, and it turns out she remembered his name. She “wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a big kiss on the lips,” he remembers. “And she said, ‘You see Larry, it was all worth it.'”


17th Oct

15th Oct

Candids > 2014 > October 15th – Britney out and about

14th Oct


It’s proof that superstar power is a necessary component of a Las Vegas hotel’s success story. In this case, it’s Britney Spears, who helped turn around the fortunes of Planet Hollywood despite the critics. Wall Street gaming experts say the pop princess has revitalized the property and helped turn its one-time dismal financial picture into a real profit center.

The financial insiders are paying attention because she’s boosted the hotel casino’s annual operating earnings by about $20 million. Now we understand why the first run of her contract ending next year was renewed for an additional two years.

Caesars Entertainment, when it was Harrah’s, took over Planet Hollywood after its $870-million default on debt obligations. Wall Street insiders say Britney has been single-handedly instrumental in helping fill its 2,520 rooms and boosting the profits to nearly $100 million that Caesars is using to modernize the Quad into the new Linq hotel and redecorating and upgrading the rooms and pools at Planet Hollywood.


14th Oct

Candids > 2014 > October 13th – Britney at the gym and dermatologist

8th Oct

It’s Britney, Bitch: How The Princess Of Pop Revolutionized The B-Word
She turned an insult into a “term of endearment.” And empowerment.

There are years you live through, and years you survive. For Britney Spears, 2007 was the latter.

After her marriage to backup dancer and soul patch enthusiast Kevin Federline fizzled, the Goddess of Fierceness and Frappuccinos spiraled into a meltdown — while being followed constantly by a maniacal mob of paparazzi who filled her every waking hour with microphones and flashbulbs, attempting to get to the root of what could possibly be bothering her so much.

A head was shaved. An ambulance was called. Then, on October 26, 2007, in what seemed like the middle of her darkest hour, Spears told all of her naysayers to sit the f–k down with three unambiguous words…

“It’s Britney, bitch.”

The phrase immediately became synonymous with Spears herself. In her 2012 collaboration “Scream and Shout” with Will.i.am, she even sampled her own lyric, almost as though “bitch” is her last name: “It’s Will.i.am and Britney Bitch.”

Her fans at shows wear shirts emblazoned with this iconic proclamation, and almost all of her live performances — including her current residency in Vegas — feature liberal use of the B-word. One would be hard pressed to look at any of her devotees screaming, “It’s Britney, bitch!” — or at Spears herself — and assert that the B-word was being used in a derogatory way.

Spears commented on her use of the word in a 2013 interview with British TV host Alan Carr: “I just use it as…a term of endearment.” She added, “It’s like a street slang for everyone.”

Most recently, Spears has embraced the B-word in her hit single “Work Bitch,” where she encourages people to embrace the control they have over their own lives and goals: “You wanna hot body? You wanna Bugatti? You wanna Maserati? You better work bitch.”

Again, “bitch” is used here not as an insult or a slur, but as a pronoun for someone who has what it takes to kick ass and take names. She’s taken a word that has long been used as a means of diminishing one’s power, and reclaimed it as an anthem for autonomy.

It’s significant that Spears first dropped the B-word in that October of 2007, at a moment when the world at large was hellbent on painting her as a victim. She reminded everyone that she was down, but not out — and that she was still the international sensation who’d had more than 20 top Billboard hits by the time she was 25, and who’d be serving up more where that came from, just in case anyone wanted a piece of her.

Spears solidified the fact that a “bitch” is not one to be dismissed or ignored. A bitch is somebody who knows what they want and works tirelessly for it. A bitch is a badass. A bitch is a survivor.


7th Oct

Candids > 2014 > October 7th – Britney gets starbucks after leaving the gym

6th Oct

Candids > 2014 > October 6th – Britney in thousand oaks

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