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4th Sep


So good news I finally managed to get the next/previous page button back. Bad news its now 2 post down & to the right of the page cuz idk how to get that shit at the bottom so um yeah

21st Nov

Artist: Britney Spears

Venue: The Axis at Planet Hollywood

City: Las Vegas, Nev.

Dates: Oct. 29-31. Nov. 1,5, 7-8

Gross Sales: 2,863,013

Attend/Capacity: 19,010/27,205

Shows/Sellouts: 6/0

Prices: $495, $174, $94, $54

Promoters: Caesars Entertainment/Live Nation

POM: 35,416,444, 58 dates, 235,281 tickets sold, 4,600k capacity.

20th Nov

19th Nov

Candids > 2014 > November 19th – Britney grabs lunch and hits the gym in LA

17th Nov

Dance Studio

Disco legend @GiorgioMoroder announces first album in 30 years, featuring @BritneySpears, @KylieMinogue, @Charli_XCX:

In a press release, Moroder said, “Dance music doesn’t care where you live. It doesn’t care who your friends are. It doesn’t care how much money you make. It doesn’t care if your [sic] 74 or if you are 24 because … 74 is the new 24!”

More than a mere rallying cry, “74 Is The New 24″ serves as the LP’s lead single. Beyond its catchy title, Moroder uses the single to further prove that age is simply a number. The rumbling synths and pulsating drum beats purvey a sense of youthful abandon and recklessness, the kind of hedonistic energy that permeates dance clubs anywhere. But amid all that glitz and bass is the work of a true master, one who can tug at people’s heart strings with the simplest note change. Watch the accompanying video, a trippy laser-light show drafted by The Creators Project.


14th Nov


Britney Spears isn’t the only one smitten with her new boyfriend, writer and producer Charlie Ebersol.

Her family is also very happy with the new romance. “He does well financially and is very private,” says a Spears source. “They don’t have to worry about whether he is using Britney.”

And although the relationship is new, he has already met her sons, Preston, 9, and Jayden, 8.

Ebersol – whose parents are Dick Ebersol, Saturday Night Live co-creator and former NBC Sports chairman, and actress Susan Saint James, star of the ’80s sitcom Kate & Allie – started his own production company at 27. “He is driven, smart and ambitious,” says a source.

Ebersol and Spears met through a friend and the pop star appears grateful for that introduction. During Britney Day in Las Vegas on Nov. 5 she referred to him as her special someone. And according to a source, “she has been in the best mood” since meeting Ebersol and “finds him cute and funny.”


11th Nov


Britney Spears new boyfriend is no different from anyone else who interacts with her … he had to sign a confidentiality agreement before he laid eyes on her.

Sources connected to Britney tell TMZ … Britney and Charlie Ebersol met through mutual friends and their first date was a lunch, but before they broke bread — before their first face-to-face — the singer’s dad did what he does with everyone … he insisted Charlie sign the NDA.

We’re told it wasn’t awkward at all. Charlie knew the NDA was SOP for anyone who enters Britney’s world.

We’re told Charlie — a 31-year-old TV producer who’s dad is sports legend/”SNL” co-creator Dick Ebersol and mom is actress Susan St. James — is taking the NDA seriously and is saying NOTHING about his relationship.

We’re told although Britney and Charlie are dating, it’s not “serious yet.” Good news for Charlie … everyone in Britney’s camp really likes him.

By the way … in case Charlie gets tempted … there are “severe” penalties for violating the NDA.


11th Nov

Check out this vid from her trip to Poland @ 2:35

Interviewer: Do you have a special someone in your eye right now?

Britney: If his name starts with a C then yes (smiles)



11th Nov

Britney & Jamie

Britney Spears did not have her new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol undergo a background check or sign a confidentiality agreement, despite a new report. Gossip Cop checked with a true Spears insider who never heard of those claims. The rumor was started on Monday by RadarOnline, which alleged that Spears’ dad Jamie, who’s also her conservator, vetted his daughter’s new boyfriend.

According to the webloid, Ebersol understood the drill and passed Jamie Spears’ tests. The site further says that the Spears patriarch even offered to pick up the tab for Ebersol’s legal fees, if he wanted a lawyer to look over the confidentiality agreement. Of course, Ebersol is the son of legendary NBC producer Dick Ebersol, who’s not only one of the nicest guys in the TV business, but also he’d have no problem finding a high-powered attorney look over any such document, if it existed. But it does not. More importantly, Britney Spears’ dad did not have Charlie Ebersol checked out or sign a confidentiality agreement.

As Gossip Cop reported last week, the romance between Spears and Ebersol is relatively new, but the couple is happy. They’ve both shared smiling photos of themselves together on Instagram.

Ebersol, like his dad, is also in the TV business, producing reality shows that include “The Moment” and “The Great Escape.” In 2004, he survived a plane crash that claimed the life of his younger brother Teddy. Ebersol, however, was able to save his father’s life by pulling him from the burning jet. He’s not exactly the type Jamie Spears needs to worry about. Regardless, a Spears insider shrugged off the RadarOnline report to Gossip Cop.


Forever yawning at ROL

10th Nov

Personal > 2014 > Britney and Charlie

9th Nov

Back in February, one day after wearing her fuck off lover boy Jacket in a pic with Sherk…

Personal > 2014 > Britney and Charlie

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